Jeff Ford
August 1, 2001
Contributers: Jeff Ford

When the 35th Anniversary Mustang came out, we went stupid. Several folks in our office desperately tried to find ways, short of living in the car or a cardboard box, to get their hands on one of the cars. The GT sporting the scoops-side and hood-as well as the cool honeycomb rear appliqu and other custom appointments were all the rage. Tech Editor Houlahan even went so far as to make the Silver press photo car the background on his work PC. I personally sat in the office and looked longingly at the brochure for several days.

In fact, it got so bad, much time was spent by yours truly and spouse at the Ford dealership seeing what could be done to make one at home in our garage. After she let me down gently by informing me that our next new ride would be a four-door (shudder), I sighed and realized that we would miss a neat piece of Ford marketing and Mustang history.

The nice thing is that you don't have to. Just about everything is out there to make an Anniversary Mustang-not that we are recommending that. But we will say that some of those parts sure look cool on a '98-'01. So, with that in mind, we decided to visit Mustang Central and watch as Allen Shepley dressed out a '99 GT with a hot scoop.

Kar Kraft Engineering has several options for those of you who want a scoop on your '99-'01 Mustang. In fact, Kar Kraft has several cool items to dress out your GT or V-6. The scoops we mentioned are all available, including those that come on the '01 GT.

The 35th Anniversary scoop also has ram air available. The price for this cool air setup is $569 with the scoop. Here's how it works: A vacuum-actuated door opens in the hoodscoop to gulp cool, fresh air from the outside while the new air-cleaner pressure box shuts off all other air sources! A cooler, denser air charge passes through the supplied K&N filter straight to the throttle body!

The system includes:Modified 35th Anniversary hoodscoop (unpainted), "RAM AIR" hood stripe graphics, underhood air plenum with vacuum-actuated flapper door system, three-stage water entrapment system, and new vacuum-controlled air-cleaner pressure box with a K&N filter. Look for an install on this product soon.

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