KJ Jones
June 26, 2013
Contributers: KJ Jones

While being around, working with and just experiencing hot, late-model Mustangs definitely is the stuff that "dream jobs" are made of, working at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords sometimes presents us with opportunities to check out some pretty cool things that aren't exactly "Mustang specific."

 On Tuesday, June 25th, me and editors from several other magazines in Source Interlink Media's Performance Automotive Group (books like Hot Rod, Car Craft, Brand-X High Performance, Super Brand-X, Popular Hot Rodding, etc), were treated to a private screening of the final cut of "Snake and Mongoose;" a new film about drag-racing legends, Don "The Snake" Prodhomme, and Tom "Mongoose" McKewen.

Those of you who are as old as I am (and don't get it twisted, 50 is not that old) and into drag racing as much as I am, are probably very familiar with the long-time rivalry...and friendship...between the two drivers, and their partnership with Mattel that resulted in the creation of two of the most-popular Hot Wheels diecast cars ever.

The "Snake and Mongoose" movie tells the story of the two drivers' lives and careers, on-and-off the track. It has absolutely killer, actual racing footage from the '60s, '70s and '80s (and even some early '90s), and basically is just a really cool flick to check out, if you really like drag racing and are interested in its history.

Our screening included a very, very special guest (who also was seeing the film for the first time); Mr Roland "The Hawaiian" Leong. Roland and The Snake were long-time partners and are long-time friends.

"When we left California and hit the road, I was 21 years old and Snake was 24," Roland told us, while eating lunch after the movie. Adding, "We had no idea that we would be doing this for the rest of our lives."

Like I said earlier, the 'Stang stuff pretty much "comes with the territory" of working at 5.0. Being able to watch a great racing/"car-guy" movie, and have lunch with and talk about drag-racing history with a legend like Roland Leong, is something that really makes the gig extra special!

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