Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
June 3, 2013

Summer car show season is upon us and recently the great folks from Meguiar’s car care stopped in and gave us a hands-on demonstration of their complete car care products line. With their lineup of products filling the room, we were able to get up close and personal on just how awesome their products are.

They showed us some pretty interesting stuff and we’d like to show you! Better yet, we’d like to give them to you to try yourself! The whole list of products below (see lead photo) can be yours if you follow these simple instructions.

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Here are the products you can win and what they do. Good luck!

Here are the products that will go to the winner!

DA Power System: On their rental car, they applied wax with their new DA power System, with the DA standing for Dual Action and Drill Activated. That’s right, hook it up to your regular old drill and apply your wax like a pro. Not only does it spin, but it oscillates making sure that your car gets the best treatment possible when applying wax or polish.

DA Power Pack Ultimate Liquid Wax: Connect the pad to the DA Power System, add some of the Ultimate Wax and apply to your ride in 30 minutes or less. The Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is the most advanced, pure synthetic wax carried by Meguiar’s and helps gain that showroom quality finish.

DA Power Pack Ultimate Compound: Also hook this pad to the DA Power System, add some compound to cut through harsh abrasives, and say goodbye to swirl marks, water spots, oxidation and other paint defects the simple way. It may cut out the bad stuff, but it is still clear coat safe.

Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere: This no scratch formula waxes without water, so don’t bother bustin’ out that old hose and bucket. Take this anywhere and mist your car and wipe it clean.

Black Wax: This wax is perfect for all dark colors and gives brilliant color and shine to from dark to black paint.

White Wax: The perfect wax for white and lighter color cars.

Metal Polishes x 3: (Finishing, Light-Cut, Heavy-Cut) These metal polishes are all different and used for different purposes. We have all three in the box.

Water Spot Remover & Multi-Surface Polish: Removes water spots on all hard surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, and hard plastics.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner: Deep cleaning that quickly removes stains and orders from your interior.

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