February 1, 2013

In dreaming up a topic for this month's Powershiftin' column, I realized that in my excitement about SVT's 20-year history, I wrote two columns in a row on the Special Vehicle Team. No biggie, as there is enough coolness in SVT's lineup to write about it multiple times.

But this month I'm switching gears. First and foremost, I want to welcome our newest MM&FF team member, Associate Editor Kristian Grimsland. Kristian, 22, is fresh out of the University of Florida at Gainesville, and he has a serious passion for Mustangs—'96-'98 Cobras to be specific. Kristian aspired to be an automotive journalist and contacted me about an internship, which quickly transformed into a full-time job with MM&FF. As an associate editor, Kristian will be writing and shooting car features and tech, and will be at many of the great events that you attend. I've also encouraged him to dream up as many cool story ideas as he can. If you see him at an event, be sure to say hello.

You may have also noted the special starburst on the cover of this issue (and this page) marking our 25th anniversary. I'm proud to say MM&FF has been covering the Mustang scene since the beginning of the Fox revolution, and we're still on the case. A lot has changed in terms of the cars, technology, and how we produce the magazine. Long gone are black and white pages—in fact, we've traded all film for digital images. But today we connect via more than just the magazine—hopefully you're following us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thankfully, some things haven't changed. We still push every Ford to the limit and search out the most interesting tech, hottest cars, and coolest events. Technology may have changed the way we do business, but our passion for Ford performance remains.

Because of the Internet, we have an amazing connection with our fans. We love the instant feedback and ability to share cool photos moments after we capture the images. But while the digital world is a fun place, there is still no better thrill than pushing the loud pedal and feeling the rush of massive acceleration, grippy cornering, and eye-ball-popping braking. In the end, feeling what a performance car can do is why I love cars so much. I crave the sounds, smells, and feeling I get from driving a performance Ford—especially in competition.

In the coming year, we'll be hitting the event scene hard. You'll find us at every NMRA happening and at all the big shows. We're planning to add a few new ones for 2013 to better connect with you and search for the best street, strip, road course, and show Mustangs, Lightning, and other late-model Fords, and Mercs. We love discovering cool feature cars, and bustin' out our cameras to shoot em'. For many, there is no greater thrill than to have your ride featured. Seeing your car in print, or even on the cover, is thrilling.

We also have some radical projects in the works. Our '11 Amsoil GT is in the shop now, and Marvelous Marc Christ is tackling the job of installing a full S&W Race Cars 'cage (special thanks to John Guerriero for helping out). We plan to be track-legal (since we've already run 9s) and have the GT running in top form for the upcoming NMRA season-opener in March.

Also in March is our third annual MM&FF Open House. If you plan to attend the season-opening NMRA race in Bradenton, or you just want to check out our headquarters, we encourage you to come by. We'll open the doors to MM&FF Command Central here in Tampa on Thursday, March 7, but we're moving the festivities from the morning/afternoon to the evening to allow more of you to attend.

What will you see? You'll get a first-hand look at our shop, which includes a Dynojet 224xLC, and we plan to have some sick machinery on there pumping out big horsepower. Of course, some MM&FF models will be on-hand.There will be honorary guests (some Ford icons), plus music, food, and we'll debut our Coyote coupe LX project. You'll see the beginnings of our 25th Anniversary Project (we're not saying what it is) and we're planning some amazing giveaways. There will be a kickin' car show and many interesting things on display. For more information on the MM&FF Open House, stay tuned to our Facebook page and website.

Can you tell I'm excited? I could go on about what's planned for 2013, but the Detroit hotline is ringing and we're about to get information on the 2015 Mustang. Have a great holiday season and we hope to see you soon.