Marc Christ Associate Editor
December 6, 2011
Photos By: Justin Cesler

Although we brought you some of the coolest stuff on the market at the time, the past year has been a good time for the gift and gadget market.

Whether you're a wife shopping for a hubby, a husband trying to find ideas for gifts for the wife, parents shopping for the kids, or you just want to treat yourself, there's no better place to find Ford, Mustang, and all-around automotive-based gifts than the MM&FF Holiday Gift Guide. Yeah, we like to use it as an excuse to hang out with some hot babes for a few hours, but our main objective is supplying you, the reader, with a once-a-year glance at stuff you can't bolt to your car.

This year, we turned to some suppliers that we've used in the past, like Genuine Hot Rod Hardware and The Ford Collection. We did switch it up a bit this year by bringing on the likes of Traxxas, Roush Performance Parts, Latemodel Restoration Supply, and Design Factory, to name a few. Check out what Jakki and Carolina have to offer on the next few pages.

To see more of the girls--as well as our shenanigans--go to We're also posting behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot, so look out for that on our website as well. You won't be disappointed.

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