Marc Christ Brand Manager, Modified Mustangs & Fords
December 2, 2010
Photos By: Courtesy of the Manufacturer, Justin Cesler

The holiday season is upon us. And as you read this, living your life feels like being on a rollercoaster with a toothache. The kids are adding more expensive (and probably sold-out) items to their want lists, you don't know what on Earth you're buying for your significant other, and you're constantly being hounded about what you want others to buy for you. What you really want is to stay home and watch the ball game instead of going to your in-laws, but we all know that's not going to happen.

Though the next few pages probably won't solve all your holiday problems, the MM&FF Holiday Gift Guide is more of a shot of Novocain for the aforementioned toothache. Carnie Carl isn't going to let you off that improperly built coaster, but at least you can scream in fear without feeling like sawing your jaw off with a hacksaw.

On a lighter note, we've included two of the most gorgeous models to ever grace the pages of MM&FF: Jessica Barton and Katina Karl. Jessica and Katina are going to show you some of the hottest gift ideas for your him or her. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, painful as it may be. For more, go to

Snap-on Build-a-Bay tool storage: Snap-on; NMRA ball cap: $20; NMRA; Trailer-Aid trailer ramp and holder combo: $79.95; '65 Mustang shelf: $49.50; Genuine Hotrod Hardware;

Perfect for the man cave, game room, home office, or shop, this Ford neon sign is for every Ford enthusiast. Complete with diamond-plate background, the 41-inch-long sign mounts directly to a wall, or can hang from the included chain. $299.95; Genuine Hotrod Hardware;

We're not sure exactly where Katina is going, but we're definitely going with her. She probably even has enough room in her Ford Racing Reactor backpack for our pride. $89; The Ford Collection;

Though we don't recommend laying on it, this PitStop desk from Genuine Hot-rod Hardware is sturdy enough for normal desk duties. It comes with real coilover shocks, locking wheels, and your choice of clear, black, or red glass (chair and mat sold separately). $399.95; Genuine Hotrod Hardware;

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No gift is better than a useful one. Detroit-based Equipe Watches has nailed the high-performance theme with its full line of watches. From the Dash to the Big Block, Equipe offers something for every car guy. $299-$999; Equipe Watches;

Just when you thought you had already seen the coolest Mustang-themed item, The Bradford Exchange released this Mustang cuckoo clock. Every hour, a '10 Mustang peeps out, accompanied by the sound of a revving engine. $179.95; The Bradford Exchange;

Like us, most of you probably have more die-cast cars and trinkets than you have room to display. Well, Genuine Hotrod Hardware has you covered with this fuel pump display case. The 1:2-scale replica of a '37 Wayne 60 fuel pump features four shelves, a rubber hose with nozzle, and an LED-lighted dome. $349.95; Genuine Hotrod Hardware; has everything to meet your die cast needs. This 1:18 Grabber Blue '10 GT500 is one of only 2,010 made, and the detail work is tremendous. Burnouts not included. $49.95;

This unbelievably detailed 1:4-scale Ford Aluminator model comes with moving belt drive, valvetrain, and supercharger. There are even windows in one of the cam covers and the supercharger to show off its internal moving components. $349.95; Genuine Hotrod Hardware;

This 25-piece ladies' tool kit from Ford Racing is ideal for the car, kitchen, or garage. It comes with all the basics, and will fit almost anywhere. $29; The Ford Collection;

Armed and dangerous, Jessica and Katina are breaking out the big guns. On the left, Jessica is handling the 1/2-inch-drive Thunder Gun Street Legal by Ingersoll Rand. $350; Ingersoll Rand; On the right, Katina is wielding the do-it-yourself powdercoat gun from Eastwood. The starter kit comes with everything you need to start powdercoating, including powder. $209.99; The Eastwood Company;