Pete Epple Technical Editor
May 7, 2009
Photos By: Steve Baur

When team MM&FF rolled into Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama for the 45th Anniversary Celebration of the Mustang, it was instantly apparent we were in for a great show. There was something for every Mustang fan, and as we walked the grounds the amazement began to set in as we came upon car after car that simply made us say "WOW!"

The flawlessly restored classics and highly-modified late-models bridged the gap between generations, and young and old were united as one family-the Mustang family.

Performance modifications are nothing new. The amount of creativity and ingenuity that go into what we drive is an amazing thing. Although custom engines, turbo systems, and interiors make for an incredible ride, sometimes it's the subtle things we normally overlook that can make a car stand out.

Originality and creativity can be expressed in countless ways. At the 45th, we were amazed at how many custom license plates there were and how creative some Mustang owners can get. Here are a few of our favorites. Take a look and enjoy!