Michael Galimi
October 1, 2008

In addition to testing parts, we sure do love Mustang drag racing, and it's a vital part of the magazine. The Mustang drag racing scene has blossomed from a bunch of wild kids at test-and-tune nights to two major sanctioning bodies today focused solely on racing Mustangs and fast Fords. Thanks to the people pushing these cars further each year, manufacturers have stepped up to provide better products. Continual evolution in superchargers, turbocharged V-8 engines, and so on can be directly credited and sourced to Mustang drag racing. The racers pushed street parts to the limit, and needed more boost, better intercoolers, and overall better parts. Think of the advancements in how race cars are built today in the street-legal drag-racing segment. Turbocharger mounting, large air-to-water intercoolers, low-seven-second stock suspension systems-the list goes on and on.

You can look at the Outlaw 10.5 market and small-tire Mustang drag racing scene to see the effect of the 5.0L market. Many of the tricks and combinations were derived through what Mustang drag racers developed in the '90s and early part of this century. As the Mustang grew in popularity, the staff continued to follow the trends where enthusiasts trade paint in road-racing series, including NASA, SCCA, and the Miller Cup, as well as open-road racing from North Carolina to Nevada. Street parts were developed and perfected thanks to the racing efforts of so many companies and enthusiasts.

Thanks to Ford and the 5.0L Mustang, this magazine was formed and has survived for two decades-and the future only looks brighter. Thanks for reading MUSCLE MUSTANGS & FAST FORDS. We look forward to continuing to be the best late-model power source for years to come.