Mmfp 0803 Retraction 01z
Evan J. Smith
February 14, 2008

Due to an oversight during the build of our 535 horsepower small block in the March 2008 issue (Stock-Block 535HP screamer, page 150), author David Vizard mistakenly reported that the heads used on the engine were the AFR 205 competition heads, when in fact the actual heads used in the testing were a pair of AFR 185 street heads which are actually emissions legal and far less expensive. While 535 HP is still a very respectable number, it's even more impressive coming from a set of street heads that retail for $1450! AFR is confident the much higher flowing, larger runner 205 cc race heads would have actually produced even stronger results in that application probably edging the final numbers a lot closer to 600 HP. For more information on AFR heads please contact
Evan J. Smith, Editor.