Frank H. Cicerale
January 1, 2008

The holiday season is upon us, and with the arrival of this joyous time of year comes the stress of maxed-out credit cards and strenuous trips to the shopping mall that undoubtedly include throwing a few choice words and phrases at that punk kid who just took your parking spot.

This is our third-annual "Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide," and we think we hit on some pretty cool gifts. We stayed late in the office perusing the Internet, getting paper cuts while flipping through catalogs, and had the CIA, the FBI, Homeland Security, the NSA, all four branches of the Armed Forces, and even a few of the boys from The Sopranos looking for the coolest, wildest, and downright greatest gifts we could find.

If you're looking for some quality reading time by the fire while the wife watches one of those cheesy holiday movies on the tube, then pour yourself a nice glass of Grappa, grab a few biscottis and pignoli cookies, and start ordering some gifts. Just make sure to use the wife's credit card so you can order that blower without maxing out your plastic.

Models: Lindsay Richardson; Jena Reinhart; and a slimmed-down, Cobra-driving Santa Claus

Give your wife or girlfriend an awesome and stylish present under the tree by wrapping up one of Saleen's women's windbreakers. The stylish pink and white jacket sports the Saleen logo as well as the number 84, signifying the first year of production of the Saleen Mustang. Priced at $74.99. Saleen; 800/888-9845;

On New Year's Eve, keep the champagne cold with the Ford Collection's insulated cooler tub. This lightweight cooler has a large, open, main area so you can fit that champagne, a six-pack, or a bottle of Sambuca, with enough ice to keep it cold until next year. At $29.00, it might be cheaper than the stuff you stock it with. (Note: Anything ordered from The Ford Collection can be had for 20 percent off by mentioning coupon code SEMA. Pretty cool, huh?) The Ford Collection; 888/380-6663;

If you have a GT500-or want to own one-show your pride with the Ford Collection's GT500 navy polo short with electric-blue color blocking. Available in sizes ranging from medium to XXL, the shirt comes with the GT500 logo embroidered on the front and the Ford logo embroidered on the back under the collar. Priced at $54.00, this shirt will look great on you. The Ford Collection; 888/380-6663;

Organization is one of the keys to success, so insist that Santa bring you an all-purpose, 17-inch can shelf from California Car Cover for the wall of your garage or trailer. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the shelf handles a multitude of spray cans, and may be directly fitted to the wall. California Car Cover; 800/423-5525;

Everyone loves wheelies, even Santa. That's why you want him to put a Kocky Products' "FWD Can't" T-shirt under the tree for the missus. Available in small and medium sizes, the shirt is perfect for her to wear when you both go to the track. The shirt retails for $22.99. Kocky Products; 740/350-2079;

Stay warm during the winter months with the Ford Collection's Ford Racing leather and wool jacket. Priced at $338.00, the jacket comes in sizes ranging from medium to XXL, and showcases leather sleeves and pocket trim, along with a snap-font, quilted inner lining, and an inside pocket. The Ford Collection; 888/380-6663;

Way back in the day when Top Fuel dragsters were front-motored slingshots, a man by the name of Sneaky Pete Robinson campaigned a blown version of Ford's SOHC powerplant. That engine is re-created in all of its glory and ready for your desktop thanks to California Car Cover. Priced at $29.99, the engine features a highly detailed blower case, hollow zoomie pipe tubes, and a real blower belt. California Car Cover; 800/423-5525;