Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
August 1, 2012

Going For Seconds

Approximately half of the Boss Track Attack students opt to pay the extra tariff to stick around and continue their on-track education in the Ford Racing High Performance Driving School FR500s. Longtime 5.0&SF readers know that this wasn’t my first rodeo at MMP. Offered another chance in the FR500, I jumped at it.

I had previously run through the school’s cars back in the October 2007 issue (“Dream Park,” p. 44). Back then I drove the school car, the Challenge car, and the FR500. The school car and FR500 are the same now, and the Challenge car was betwixt the two and built for a track racing series. At that time, moving up the ladder to the FR500 felt like a big deal.

Fast-forward to 2012, and moving up from the powerful Boss 302 street car to the FR500 is a much easier transition. With less power, less torque, and tons more grip, the race car felt far easier to drive and safer to boot. Even standing on the throttle, there wasn’t enough torque to truly upset the car, but it still got around the track in big hurry.

After one day of track duty behind me, I was more comfortable in a hurry on the second day. Sure we were learning a new car and a new track, but it came along pretty quickly. And, the class is set up that way. After a lead and follow, it’s out on the track. There’s only one seat in the FR500s, so the instructors watch from the tricky corners and give you tips back in the garage. Midway through the program, you do ride with an instructor in the school car, which affords you the chance to ask questions about troublesome corners.

For me, the tough spots were Demon, Devil, and Diablo, but I was having blast ripping through Dreamboat, Workout, and Scream. I was really starting to feel good out on the track.

In the final session, I embarked with high expectations for even quicker laps, however a couple of my fellow students decided to venture off track right in front of me. One did so rather spectacularly. One of the great things about Miller is abundant run-off, so everyone was unharmed. However, it did encourage me to dial it back a bit for the rest of the session.

In the end, the second day kept the learning and the fun going. If you attend the Boss Track Attack, I can’t recommend the second day highly enough.

Student Body

Part of the fun of attending the Boss Track Attack was getting to know my fellow classmates. It was interesting to learn why they bought their Bosses and what other cars they had before moving to the Boss. Like your scribe, all seemed to have a great time at the school.

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