Tom Wilson
February 3, 2012
Photos By: Courtesy of Ford Motor Company

Trinity Engine Specs

First Model Year 2013
Engine Family Modular
Code Name Trinity Engine
Displacement 5,811cc (355ci)
Bore x Stroke 93.5x105.8mm (3.68x4.165-in)
Horsepower Est. 650 hp @ 6,500 rpm, 91 octane
Torque Est. 600 lb-ft @ 3,750 rpm, 91 octane
Note: Ford SVT has announced targets of 650 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque at unspecified rpm. The figures above are our estimates.
Shipping Weight 623 pounds, includes water pump

Block Low-pressure cast aluminum w/PTWA spray-bore iron linings
Bore Spacing 100mm (3.937-in)
Deck Height 255.71mm (10.067-in)
Deck Thickness 13mm (0.510-in)
Cylinder Head Retention 12mm bolts, four per cylinder, 10 bolts total per bank
Oil 5W-50 synthetic
Oil Pan Cast aluminum, 8.5 quarts
Windage Tray Integral w/oil pan gasket
Oil Pump Gerotor w/billet steel backing plate
Pistons Forged, short-skirt; moly friction-reducing coating; oil-jet cooled
Piston Weight 403 grams
Piston Pin Full-floating (5.4 co)
Piston Pin Retention Wire lock (5.4 co)
Piston Rings Lightweight, reduced tension steel, chrome top and second; iron oil control
Connecting Rod Forged steel, I-beam, no balance pad, angle ground small end
Connecting Rod Length 169.1mm (6.658-in) (5.4 co)
Rod/Stroke Ratio 1.60 (5.4 co)
Crankshaft Forged, air-cooled, medium carbon steel; tungsten mass balance; extended damper threads
Main Journal 67.5mm (2.652-in) diameter (5.4 co)
Rod Journal 53.0mm (2.082-in) diameter (5.4 co)
Flywheel Retention Eight-bolt (5.4 co)

Cylinder Heads
Heads Aluminum, four-valve per cylinder, inter exhaust seat cooling
CAM Covers Cast aluminum (5.4 co)
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Valves 37x32mm (1.454x1.257-in), four per cylinder; intake (5.4 co), exhaust Nimonic w/Stellite face insert
Camshafts DOHC, four camshafts (carried over from Ford GT)
Camshaft Timing Fixed (5.4 co)
Duration 242 degrees intake, 247 degrees exhaust
Lift 11.18mm (0.439-in) intake, 11.48mm (0.451-in) exhaust
Valve Followers Roller finger follower (5.4 co)
Lash Adjusters Hydraulic (5.4 co)
Coolant Organic (red) (5.4 co)

Exhaust Manifold Cast-iron log-type (5.4 co)
Intake Manifold Cast aluminum adapter-plate-type w/integral charge cooler core mounting (5.4 co)
Throttle Body 2x60mm, twin-blade, electronic throttle (5.4 co)

Powertrain Control Module Copperhead
Mass Air Meter 105mm, digital (5.4 co)
Oxygen Sensors Wideband Universal Exhaust Gas, sensor pre-cat
Knock Sensors Two in block valley (5.4 co)
Ignition Timing Crank trigger, front of crankshaft
Ignition Coil-on-plug
Sparkplug Iridium
Firing Order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
Cylinder Numbering Right bank: 1, 2, 3, 4; left bank 5, 6, 7, 8 (5.4 co)
Fuel System Electronic returnless fuel system
Fuel Injectors 54.8-lb/hr
Fuel Pressure 39-psi
Fuel Requirement 91-octane minimum, 93-octane recommended

Note: (5.4 co) = 5.4 carryover part

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