Tom Wilson
April 1, 2009

We would certainly be remiss if we failed to include a few notable drag race '79-'93 'Stangs in this celebration of the Fox-body Mustang's 30th anniversary. However, deciding which Ponies to acknowledge in this limited forum is a mountainous order (and we humbly apologize to the Foxes and their owners that we'd never forget and who definitely deserve mention, but unfortunately are not able to list).

Two of the main reasons why selecting any number of "Top," "Best" or "All-Time" Foxes in the drag category is difficult are, the reality is hundreds of cars that deserve such recognition, and (somewhat unfortunately), our choices are also hard to make because the heyday for many of the "legendary" 'strip-dominating Foxes came long before the organized, sanctioned Mustang drag racing (NMRA, Fun Ford Weekend, World Ford Challenge, PSCA) that many of you are familiar with, even existed.

So, here you are. In no particular "ranking" or order, these are just a few of my favorite Fox-body drag cars. While some of these Ponies have long been retired from action, there are quite a few that are still running strong and making plenty of noise on drag strips all over the country

. Billy Glidden's nitrous-injected 1990 GT hatchback
. Dwayne "Big Daddy" Gutridge's 1993 turbocharged LX coupe
. "Racin' Jason" Betwarda's twin-turbocharged 1987 GT convertible
. Job Spetter Jr's turbocharged 1988 LX coupe
. Mike Murillo's "Star Car I" turbocharged 1989 LX coupe
. Chris Little's nitrous-injected 1990 LX coupe
. Bob Kurgan's supercharged 1986 GT hatchback
. Charlie Booze's naturally aspirated 1992 GT hatchback
. Larry Geddes' naturally aspirated, manual-transmission 1990 LX hatchback
. Chris Tuten's nitrous-injected/turbocharged 1987 LX hatchback

That's a rundown of 10 of my favorite, hard-running drag Foxes. For our younger readers, who may not have a full awareness of the pre-sanctioned, and early "history" of Mustang drag racing (probably because you weren't old enough to recognize some of the cars in this list), many of these Mustangs and their drivers have won major events and in some cases, multiple championships, or have been "firsts" in setting new, or shattering previously existing elapsed-time and quarter-mile-speed records for their particular class or configuration. - KJ Jones

Polling the 5.0&SF crew, we came up with our Top 10 Foxes of the era based purely on personal preference. If you have some other ideas, be sure to send us an email at

Spend as much time around Mustangs as us and you're bound to hear a few memorable phrases. Here are a few.

"Let's face it, the Mustang's lot in life is to have the holy shit beat out of it." - Don Walsh senior, Ford SVO engineer, rocket scientist, and Fox drag racer

"... a beer can on wheels." - Dale Amy, Super Ford and 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford contributor

"The best 7/8 finished car ever made." - Tom Wilson, Super Ford editor

"The '55 Chevy of the '90s." - Everyone at the '90-'99 SEMA shows

"This is the car that's going to send your kids to college!" - A now-forgotten aftermarket parts maker to us. He was right.