March 25, 2008

Atlanta, GA -- The Legend Mustang series of high-performance carswill now become available for purchase from select dealerships in 2008. Temple Performance Cars, designer/builder of the popular Legend series,announced the new dealer program in response to requests for showroompresence of its modern muscle cars.

According to company president John Temple, "It just makes smartbusiness sense for dealers to offer the complete finished cars in theirlocal markets. In many cases dealers have invested generations buildingclient relationships with muscle car enthusiasts . . . and especiallymuscle-Mustang enthusiasts. Those clients appreciate dealers bringingthese cars to their town. We're still a customer-focused family company-- a characteristic we share with many, many Ford dealers all across thecountry. We recognize that can be an advantage when it comes tobuilding trust and customer relationships. So we want to partner withthose like-minded dealers who also share our passion for performance."

Temple says, "Our cars are truly a unique product, offering anaffordable choice for this level of performance, combined with theLegend's distinctive retro-styling. While we're pleased that the newdealer program helps introduce our cars to a potentially larger autouniverse, we also provide aggressive marketing support for dealers. They benefit from a traffic-building standpoint in their respectiveregional markets, and add a whole new profit center. Simply stated,it's pretty cool to preview a new Legend-X model on your showroom floor.It definitely generates some buzz."

Introduction of the Legend dealer program coincides with Temple's 2008model upgrades, with new features such as a custom 4-point roll bar,totally-custom hand crafted seats, and an innovative new front brakecooling system. Ford dealerships in the U.S. and Canada for the firsttime can now direct-order the Legend build package, as can other selectpartners dealing in custom, collector and exotic performance vehicles. Legend buyers will now have the option to order their own custom Legendmodifications through participating dealers, or purchase cars directfrom dealer inventory where available.

Prospective dealers can gain more information by visiting or request a dealer kit by calling770-722-2587.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Temple Performance designs, builds andmarkets its newest series of Legend Mustangs: 650hp Legend X, LegendSeries 1 and Legend Series 2