March 12, 2013
Contributers: MustangMan

Improved Racing Products Launches Remote Oil Cooler Thermostat

New thermostat features low pressure drop, rebuildable, and lifetime warranty. Check out the details below for more info.

Improved Racing Products, LLC has released a low-pressure-drop remote oil cooler thermostat. The device's unique internal design - the result of over a year of research and development - ensures a low pressure drop by placing the valve mechanism entirely out of the oil flow when the valve is closed. The thermostat also boasts one of the most compact designs on the market.

High-performance vehicles require large oil coolers to ensure the oil does not become overheated during strenuous use. These coolers also introduce the danger of overcooling the oil and delaying engine warm-up, resulting in horsepower loss and excessive engine wear. Oil thermostats perform the critical function of bypassing the oil cooler until the oil has reached its minimum operating temperature.

Improved Racing's oil thermostat is a universal solution that can be used with any oil cooler on any vehicle. The device bypasses the oil cooler until 180F and forces all oil flow through the cooler by 200F. It is available with fittings for -8AN, -10AN, or -12AN lines and the included mounting brackets provide multiple mounting configurations.

Part number: EUN-1000

MSRP: $169

Features & Benefits

•Reduces excessive engine wear and horsepower losses by preventing oil temperatures from dropping below optimal levels


•6061-T6 billet aluminum construction and black anodized finish

•Lifetime warranty

•Made in the USA

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