July 1, 2002

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Table of Contents

Top-5 Money Makers
2002 Investment Guide.

How To: Add Rear Discs, Springs, and Sway Bars
Bulking up for some serious road duty can be achieved with key components from NPD and Stainless Steel Brakes.

MUSTANG! 1991-’93
Our retrospective of the last of the Fox cars.

How To: Ram Air Valve Replacement
Long gone from the Ford parts shelf, RK Enterprises releases a new actuator for the ’68½-’70 Shaker.

How To: Replace Your Vintage Timing Chain
If you have an older 289, 302 or 351, the timing chain may need some TLC.

No-No Mustang
Jeff Kruger’s ’67 hardtop.

Rolling Reference
Gordon and Helen Vokey’s ’64½ convertible.

For the Better
Gordon Trifts’ ’70 Mach 1.

How To: Install White Face Gauges
M-Detail/The Mustang Market makes it possible to change your instrumentation’s looks in about one hour.

Complete Makeover
Steve and Angie Kiker’s ’72 convertible.

Rolling Thunder
Christopher Cox’s ’65 Competition Shelby.

Pony Trails 2002

Mustangs Northwest Roundup
Bigger is better.

How To: Late-Model Quarter Window Repairs
The one part of the ’87-’93 Fox Mustangs that should have been better designed are the quarter windows. Here are two solutions to repair them.

How To: Jazz Up a Fox Mustang Body
Now that the ’90 Mustangs are 12 years old many are in a position of needing to “do” something with the exterior; here’s what’s out there.

Pace Yourself J
eff Pace’s ’88 LX 5.0 hatchback.

Horsepower in the Mustang World
Engine dyno or factory power ratings versus chassis dyno. What’s the real difference between the numbers you get from each one?