August 1, 2000

Step By Step

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The ’65 GT350, owned by Dave Lennartz of Brush Prairie, Washington, is none other than 003. It fits nicely beside the healthy GT500 of Larry McEwen, who happens to reside in Bothell, Washington. Editor Jeff Ford snapped the static shot from the top of a rented SUV. Able assistant Shelby “Killah” Cox kept Mr. Ford in lenses and filters as he perched precariously on the rental.

Our 25th Anniversary
Twenty-five years of Mustang Monthly—the oldest monthly Mustang magazine.

How To: Repair Vintage Mustang Clocks There are two paths to perfect timekeeping. We show you how to get there.

How To: Install Brushed- Aluminum Inserts
Give it the ’67 Interior Décor Group look with solutions from JME Enterprises.

Gee Tee See Jay!
Eric Harris’ ’69 GT428 Cobra Jet convertible.

Moore Mustang
Ian Moore’s ’72 hardtop.

Once a Rental
Jerry Sullivan’s ’66 GT350H.

Orange Crush!
Jerry Choate’s ’65 2+2 fastback.

Highland Dreams
Grant Laing’s ’67 fastback.

Teaching an Old Fox New Tricks
David Bachota’s ’80 two-door.

How To: Diagnose Air- Conditioning Problems at Home
You can do preliminary diagnoses on your own and save money.

Pony Trails 2003 (Still) Heading East
A run to the Atlantic Coast for automotive sightseeing at Klassix.

How To: Install a Lightbar on a Late-Model Convertible
CDC’s lightbar looks cool and adds safety with its high-mounted brake light.

How To: Install a Hood Decal
Graphic Express’ factory ’85-’86 Mustang GT hood decal is the perfect finishing touch to your square-light Mustang resto project.

Pony Trails 2002 The Top Two Shows
Both of these shows were the peak of perfection, but we had to pick First and Second.