April 11, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

There is a possibility that any gasoline containing ethanol will no longer be a requirement in the state of Florida. A bill has been presented to the Florida House of Representatives, H.B. 4001, regarding the sale of ethanol content in gasoline. Currently the ethanol content in gasoline is 9-10 % and many enthusiasts with high performance vehicles just may be jumping for joy at the thought of eliminating it all together.

Why is this important to us car enthusiasts? Ethanol can cause corrosion in metal, plastic and rubber over a period of time, especially if the vehicle isn’t frequently driven. Car models before the year 2001 are more susceptible as well as vehicles modified with high-performance parts which may be easily corroded by the gasoline blend. Some anti-corrosion can be added to vehicles but can be a bit pricey, and we are already paying enough to fill up at the pump.

H.B. 4001 calls for a full repeal of the ethanol requirement.

The Senate bill (S.B. 320) was amended to only “encourage” rather than require ethanol blends.

If you’d like to get in on this bill, you can email a letter expressing your concerns to the entire list of the Florida House of Representatives here on the SEMA Action Network site and copy Steve Mcdonald at

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