April 29, 2013
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Need more fuel flow for your boosted ’Stang? Well, JMS has a new fuel pump booster to consider. Check out the official words after the jump...

 Lucedale, MS—JMS Chip & Performance has been revolutionizing fuel injection in the domestic car market for years, and now they have raised the bar on fuel delivery for Ford vehicles. The new JMS PowerMAX® FuelMAX Fuel Pump Voltage Booster is designed to be a complete solution with as much as an 80% increase in fuel delivery on virtually any Ford model, including supercharged and turbocharged vehicles.

Popular applications include; Mustang, Shelby GT500, Boss 302, SVT Cobra, Focus ST, and F-150 pickups.

 The JMS PowerMAX® FuelMAX is the only voltage boosting product on the market that provides increased regulated voltage without noise, and every OEM and high-performance fuel pump application is supported.

This easy to use in-line device combines the best of two worlds into one product, by offering both the highest maximum continuous voltage and amperage available. The device has a continuous output rating of 21 amps at 18 or 21 volts, and will operate with an input voltage between 9.5 and 19 volts DC. It also has the lowest voltage drop on the market at 0.05 volts.

PowerMAX® FuelMAX has user selectable maximum voltage ranges of 18 or 21 volts. Output voltage is controlled by a simple control knob that adjusts voltage up to 21 volts. You can also control the voltage ramp-in and ramp-out rate to correct or eliminate fuel pressure spikes in order to maximize performance and fuel delivery.

There is also a voltage save feature that allows you to save your voltage output setting during the tuning process. The control knob can then be disconnected so your voltage setting cannot be modified.

The LED light on the unit tells you when powered on, if the unit is boosting voltage, and when the voltage knob setting is being saved.

JMS FuelMAX Fuel Pump Voltage Booster Kits come complete with everything you need for installation. Included in the kit are; PowerMAX® FuelMAX device, OEM-grade wiring harness, voltage control knob, user adjustable Hobbs pressure switch, 1/8" NPT adaptor fitting, wiring terminals, wire spices and heat shrink, solder, vacuum line and tees, mounting hardware, and fuses. The kit is designed to install in the cargo area near the fuel tank and the wiring harness for the control knob is long enough to mount in the driver area.

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JMS PowerMAX® FuelMAX Fuel Pump Voltage Booster Kits for all Ford performance vehicles, along with other revolutionary fuel injection and electronics products are available through authorized JMS Chip & Performance Dealers, online at www.JMSchip.com or by calling JMS direct at (601) 766-9424.

About JMS Chip & Performance – For more than 20 years, JMS Chip & Performance has been an industry-leader in late model domestic and import vehicle tuning.

JMS brand electronics components are some of the most technologically advanced in the automotive industry and feature innovative high-quality engineering, materials and workmanship.

The JMS technical center in Lucedale, MS is one of North America's premier automotive and motorcycle tuning, manufacturing, and turn-key automobile development facilities, producing numerous custom high-performance vehicles each year.

JMS is also a pioneer in domestic vehicle calibrations and highly regarded as a foremost expert in Ford, GM and Chrysler powertrain and drivetrain systems.

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