July 16, 2013
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The Ford Mustang isn’t just a car, but a common bond shared with folks all over the globe. If it was just a car, there wouldn’t be shows and whole weeks dedicated to the American icon that first rolled off of the production line almost fifty years ago. It’s much deeper than just a piece of machinery that gets you from point A to point B for hardcore enthusiasts – it’s a way of life.

Brian Johnson was a hardcore Ford guy and looking to kill some time before work. He stopped by his friend Don’s shop, a fellow Ford addict, knowing there was a blue oval in there somewhere looking for some attention. When Brian pulled up to the shop, he noticed a 1994 Mustang that was sitting in the driveway next door. Curiosity struck and he found himself walking around to check it out.

Rene Doane, Don’s daughter, lived at the house and noticed this stranger ogling her Mustang from inside. She figured he was a fellow Mustang enthusiast and decided to step outside and introduce herself. Brian was taken aback by the fact that this woman was the owner of the Mustang and couldn’t help but smile while she talked shop with him. Rene fired up the V-8-powered pony and it became obvious that she wasn’t just a casual fan, but a hardcore blue oval lover herself.

Rene grew up around Mustangs. Her mother drove a gold-colored 1972 Mustang and dad even had a Cobra Jet. Like her father, Rene had no problem getting her hands dirty. From basic repairs and maintenance to clutch and head gasket replacements, and she even swapped out the interior of the family Mustang. She worked alongside her father and he had taught her everything she knew, which happened to be quite a lot.

Just fresh from a divorce, Brian was a little skeptical of the dating scene, but knew that the next one would indeed be a “Mustang girl.” Brian took the next big step and asked Rene out on a date.

Fast forward a few years and the pair became engaged to wed. This wasn’t going to be your run-of-the-mill white wedding, but one that paid tribute to the car that started it all. The couple decided to have custom rings made with the “running pony” logo, which also graced the side of the wedding cake. That’s not all, the gazebo where they exchanged vows on June 1st, 2013, was edged by two Mustangs, a 2005 and 2009. Of course, it didn’t stop there. The whole wedding was Mustang-themed down to the lapel pins, cake topper, card tables, paperweights, garter belt, etc.

Now that the two are happily married, you can bet there are a couple of pretty ponies gracing their own driveway.


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