August 19, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

F’ing Fast is a high-speed documentary brought to us by the Travel Channel and follows a several speed-chasing daredevils who push themselves past limits we didn’t know were possible. Whether chasing speed on land, air or water, this documentary brings us into the world of humans who push the limits further than you’d ever expect such as a human skateboard flying down the French Alps at nearly impossible speeds or a former fighter jet turned into a wingless car chasing speed records through the Nevada desert.

A few stories to look forward to include AMA Pro Motorcycle racer Melissa Paris and Ari Henning, Motorcyclist magazine Road Test Editor, who walk us through the experience of going 170 mph on the Contidrom, the Continental Tires test track in Hannover, Germany. Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend, Ed Loh, brings us into the mind of Yves Rossy, a former pilot with the Swiss Air Force, a man who built his own powered wing and flies in formation with planes.

Gale Banks, legendary high-performance engine designer, brings us up close and personal with Ed Shadle, a man who chases the land speed record by chopping the wings off of a military jet, turning it into his very own “jet car.” Jessi Lang, the producer and host of The J-Turn for Motor Trend introduces us to the world of Eric Baronne’s death-defying downhill adventures on a bike, riding down an active volcano in Nicaragua.

Then it’s off to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, which is home to many shattered speed records on the salt of the Bonneville Speedway. We will also meet Jean Yves Blondeau – the Rollerman – who becomes a human skateboard, donning a metal suit covered with wheels blasting through the mountains at ridiculous speeds.

Troy Hartman is a professional aerial stuntman who invented and flies around with his own personal jet pack, and maneuvers his way through a man-sized hole in the side of a mountain. Editor-at-Large for Motor Trend, Angus MacKenzie, pilots the new 250+mph Bugati Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse convertible.

Jump over to Walvis Bay, Namibia, with Paul Larson, a skipper and team leader for Sail Rocket and a ridiculously fast wind-powered sailboat. Also on water, Staff Editor for Hot Rod magazine, Mike Finnegan, doubles as a champion Drag Boat racer. He brings us to Chandler, Arizona for the Drag Boat Championships and gives us a look into the inside track and open cockpit bracket racing.

We are introduced to the world of Colin Furze, a British speed enthusiast who decked out a mobility scooter to reach speeds of 80mph. Carlos Lago, Associate Road Test Editor for Motor Trend, takes out the new Tesla S electric car to show us just how fast the award-winning sedan can go.

Stunt pilot Skip Stewart performs the “knife-edge” maneuver in one beefed-up bi-plane just inches away from a Lamborghini Gallardo pushing the petal-to-the-metal. We take a ride in the Formula Rossa roller coaster at Ferrari World in Abu Dabi to see what it is like to go racecar speeds. And at an amusement park in Emerson, Arkansas, we watch super-fast rototiller racing at the Purple Pea Festival Rotary Tiller Championships. Richard Noble, Scottish entrepreneur, introduces the high-tech supersonic Bloodhound SSC, a car that will attempt to break the land speed record in 2014 by reaching an insane speed of 1,000mph.


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