March 1, 2013

JESEL Valvetrain Innovation Introduces New Needle Bearing Lubricant

Protect your new or freshened valvetrain parts upon first start with this precision lube. Read more about it below.

Due to the inability of thick engine oils and assembly lubes to properly lubricate the precision needle bearings found in shaft rockers and roller lifters, JESEL has introduced a fully synthetic, self-penetrating lubricant specifically engineered for needle bearing applications. JESEL’s Dry Start Needle Bearing Lube is designed to lubricate difficult-to-reach needle bearings in all types of roller rockers and roller lifters. The pin-point applicator bottle dispenses the special lubricant consisting of a high concentration of Molybdenum to reduce friction, CAM-Shield ZDDP for excellent high pressure and anti-wear protection, and a proprietary SYNERGY technology designed to retain the lubricant in the bearings indefinitely to prevent future dry starts.

JESEL’s roller rockers and roller lifters use special “select-fit” needle bearing assembly techniques, and special precision honing operations to make its roller bearing components the most durable in the industry. Using JESEL’s Dry Start Needle Bearing Lube will add another layer of protection, especially for components that have been cleaned in solvent for inspection and reassembly. These are the most highly stressed components in a race engine, but with the proper care and lubrication they can provide long service.

Available from JESEL under PN LBE-25000 in handy 1 Fl. Oz bottles for $14.95. For more information please contact JESEL at (732) 901-1800 or online at

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