July 11, 2013
Contributers: NoModYet_1

The 2013 King of the Street submissions are coming in at a pretty steady pace these days, but if you want to throw your name in the King of the Street hat, you need to get us some info and pictures. How do you do that? Keep reading.

The easiest way to submit your Mustang for King of the Street consideration is to drop us an email at What we need are details of your Mustang’s build, modification list, dyno numbers, and quarter-mile times. We’ll need a couple high-resolution images of the car, as well. 

Make sure to identify any custom modifications aimed at making your Mustang stand out in the crowd, as well. The more specific details you give us, the more attention you’ll garner for your Mustang. If you have any questions on what we’re looking for, check out the May 2013 issue (Lucky Seven, p. 38) for an idea. However, if your Mustang is unlike any of those featured, and you still think it has what it takes, you’ll never know until you send us a submission. 

We’ll narrow down the submissions around Labor Day, so get them in to us as quick as possible. So far we’ve received submissions from New Edge cars, a few Shelbys, a racecar or two, a wicked Terminator, and a world-traveled ’12 Mustang GT.

If your Mustang has what it takes, get on the stick, and get it in front of us.

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