March 27, 2013
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If you are an early moddder, DiabloSport has you in mind. They now offer tuning for the 2014 Mustang, so you can tune your brand-new Mustang as soon as you get it. Check out the official words after the jump...

 As Ford prepares to release the 2014 Mustang only three months into the 2013 model year; DiabloSport has once again STEPPED UP!! We will continue to be leaders and innovators in the Mustang Tuning Market. We are pleased to announce tuning for the 2014 Ford Mustang V6, GT, and GT500. The tuners developed for these vehicles have more adjustable parameters than anything on the market. Since the year 2000, DiabloSport has been a huge supporter of Mustang and other Blue Oval Vehicles- we strive to meet the needs of the Ford Tuning Community by providing "Power You Can Feel"!

inTune I-1000

The DiabloSport inTune and Trinity T1000 give Mustang users more adjustments and tuning options in the tool than any other tuner today! Not only will do they log and record vehicle data, but they offer specific adjustments to tweak your tune for whatever bolt-on mods you've done to your ride. If you've got big plans for your 2014 Mustang, the sky is the limit- our nationwide network of CMR Custom Tuning Dealers can tune a 2014 Mustang for over 800 Horsepower!

Trinity T-1000

The Firmware update for 2014 Mustang will be available on the inTune I-1000 will be available as a free automatic download when plugged in to any PC with USB and an internet connection. Updates are also available through drag and drop installation on Apple OS X Computers.

Trinity will have updates available on PC only through our DS Downloader program that comes included on the disc with every unit.

I-1000 is available now at all major automotive performance retailers for an MRP of $389, Trinity T1000 is available for an MRP of $599

About DiabloSport, Inc

DiabloSport is an automotive performance electronics manufacturer based in Delray Beach, Florida specializing in OBD-II tuning, diagnostics, and vehicle calibration. Since the year 2000 DiabloSport has offered specialized tuning devices for most major latemodel domestic cars and trucks. Whether gas or diesel powered, DiabloSport products are designed to maximize the performance, economy, and drivability by programming a vehicle's ECU or plugging in to factory engine harnesses.

DiabloSport, Inc 1865 SW 4th Ave, Suite D2 Delray Beach, FL 33444

PH: 877-396-6614 FX: 561-454-0769

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