May 16, 2013
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Need to block exhaust or turbo heat to prevent damage, DEI has a new heat shield designed to block intense heat. Check out the official words after the jump...

Avon Lake, Ohio — Extreme heat can rob power and potentially damage engines, transmissions, hoses, and sensitive electrical components. DEI, a market leader in thermal protection, has introduced a revolutionary advancement in pipe shield technology that greatly outperforms Mylar-backed glass fiber shields.

 DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield combines the high heat tolerance of DEI’s proprietary LR fiber technology with a unique rivet-based clamp shield design to improve heat dissipation and cooling.

Glass fiber shields can begin to fail at 900°F with the Mylar outer material cracking and flaking off.

DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield provides heat protection up to 1350°F.

 LR fiber technology is a two-ply material. The outer layer is made from pulverized and stranded lava rock into a proprietary tightly woven weave for durability and strength. The inside material is made of a special high temperature resistant fabric (89% silica) designed to withstand 350 degrees more heat than glass fiber. This proprietary fiber technology combined with DEI’s unique shield standoff bracket design provides an air gap between the shield and pipe that together provides the maximum potential for cooling and heat dissipation.

With the strategic placement of DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield near transmissions, brake lines, floorboards, body panels, diesel exhaust stacks or motorcycle pipes, radiant heat can be controlled for maximum protection and performance.

Other uses include isolated areas such as sections of the exhaust pipe after the collector, an area that can heat transmission fluid, or along the path of an exhaust system in proximity of gas tanks, differentials and rear facias. The shield is designed for multiple automotive applications as well as marine, powersports, diesel and industrial applications where heat dissipation and thermal control is needed.

DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield is available in three different lengths: 6” W x 1 Ft. (#010450), 6” W x 2 Ft. (#010451) OR 6” x 3 Ft. (#010452). For more information about DEI’s evolutionary new Titanium Pipe Shield, go to www.designengineering.com , call 800-264-9472, or e-mail: sales@DesignEngineering.com.

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