April 23, 2013
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The Focus ST is a fun car, and Cobb Tuning is here to make it more fun. Check out the official words after the jump...

The new Ford Focus ST is setting the performance automotive world on fire with its awesome performance and driving excitement straight from the factory, with many reviewers calling it the best “hot hatch” on the market. But the best can still be better, right? Enter Cobb Tuning’s Stage 3 package that raises the car’s horsepower by up to 33% and the torque by 26% with improved drivability.

The Stage 2 package consists of COBB’s Accessport handheld tuner that reflashes the stock car’s computer for improvements in power and drivability in all conditions, not just at wide-open throttle. The programs are created using COBB’s in-house test vehicles and utilize extensive table discovery, testing and analysis to ensure maximum impact through calibration, and continual R&D ensures that as new discoveries are made, they are included in the handheld’s calibration. It’s easy to use, too; just plug it into the car’s OBD-II port and follow the simple step-by-step on-screen instructions and in just a few minutes you will have a new performance map loaded onto the car’s ECU and be ready to enjoy the additional power and improved drivability of a tune tailored to the Stage 3 package. The Accessport comes loaded with several performance maps for common modifications (including tunes specifically for 91- and 87-octane fuels to accommodate your local pump), and also include access to a free online database of off-the-shelf maps which tune for the most common performance modifications. It will store up to 100 maps, and also includes data logging and the gauges that allow real-time monitoring of throttle position, boost, ignition advance, wastegate duty cycle, mass air flow, intake temperature, air/fuel ratio, calculate load, and more. The tuner sells for $449.00.

The second part of the Stage 3 Package is the cold air intake, which maintains the factory air box and sensor housing but replaces the rest of the air intake tract from the sensor housing to the turbocharger with an oiled dual-cone filter and a 3-inch, mandrel-bent aluminum tube with a wrinkle finish, custom silicone couplers for perfect fitment, and paint-matching COBB die-cut decals. The COBB Intake retails for $299.00.

Also part of the Stage 3 package is a new front-mount intercooler to replace the stock unit, with a 24x8x3.5-inch bar-and-plate core, cast end tanks and mandrel-bent 2.5-inch aluminum tubing (2 pipes total). An intercooler’s job is to reduce the temperature of the air going into the engine, and the COBB intercooler does that in spades with up to a 100-degree F drop in inlet air temp over the factory cooler. No cutting is required for installation and it maintains the factory crash bar, though it does require removal of the factory grill shutter system. The complete intercooler package retails for $1,095.00.

The last two components of the Stage 3 package are the COBB 3-inch downpipe and cat-back exhaust. The downpipe is a direct replacement for the factory downpipe and features a 200 cell-count high-flow catalytic converter and 304 stainless steel tubing. The CNC-machined v-band flange and 4-inch flex section ensure perfect OEM-like fitment. All of these features combine to provide a free flowing exhaust outlet for high-energy exhaust gases to reduce turbo backpressure and increase turbo efficiency. The cat-back exhaust is a full 3-inch, mandrel-bent 304 stainless steel system that adapts to the factory or COBB turbocharger downpipe and runs back to dual equally merged, 4-inch double-walled tips. It’s a true bolt-on with no cutting or welding needed for installation, and it is engineered for a drone-free exhaust note. The downpipe is $599.00 and the exhaust pricing is still being determined.

As a group, the COBB Tuning Stage 3 Package is the ultimate package in emissions-friendly modifications with aggressive but safe calibration in all driving conditions, and it only takes about 4 hours to install the entire package. COBB Tuning also has sport springs, anti-sway bars and a billet rear motor mount for the ST to perfect the vehicle handling.

Development of more new parts continues at a feverish pace, so stay tuned for much more for the Focus ST coming soon from COBB!

About COBB Tuning:

COBB Tuning is a performance automotive engineering company dedicated to providing the highest quality full-tuning solutions for BMW, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru vehicles, backed-up with outstanding customer service. We are a company made up of performance auto enthusiasts and motorsports participants that are thrilled to have their passion also be their job. COBB’s combination of manufacturing and retail facilities, four all-wheel-drive Mustang chassis dynamometers and highly-skilled employees gives them the unique ability to design, engineer, prototype, test, manufacture, service and support their engine management and bolt-on performance products in-house. COBB Tuning dedicates each day to designing and producing solutions that improve your vehicle's performance and your driving experience. For added power and performance with little hassle, COBB Tuning provides a comprehensive set of performance upgrades for the intake, exhaust, turbo, drivetrain and suspension. These upgrades, coupled with the Accessport handheld ECU programmer, make for a complete system engineered specifically to deliver peak performance without sacrificing reliability or quality. For more information, visit COBB Tuning at www.cobbtuning.com.

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