August 26, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

Cherry Bomb Performance Exhaust is celebrating a huge milestone–its 45th anniversary! Anyone who knows the littlest bit about cars has heard of Cherry Bomb exhaust. Cherry Bomb has been a hit in the exhaust world for over four decades.

The bright red, long and straight pipe muffler was introduced during 1968-1971, back when hot rods were entering the most exciting time. The Cherry Bomb Glasspack was a standard bolt-on during the times of high horsepower and loud exhaust.

Robert Mater, Jr., former marketing director at Maremont and the man responsible for launching the brand, says, "Those were great times. It was the heyday of the hot rod and any muscle car worth its salt had to be outfitted with a pair of 'Bombs.’ We couldn't manufacture them fast enough. In the '80s, that all began to change as there were more calls for a restriction on power, and more emphasis on safety. This coincided with the EPA's demand for use of a catalytic converter, which greatly affected the muscle car industry."

The original Glasspack had a brightly painted steel housing with a metal baffle interior channel and a layer of fiberglass insulation. Today, the Cherry Bomb Glasspack is made from high quality cold rolled aluminized tubing and features more durable, rust resistant powder coat, of course still bright red. The Glasspack delivers a throaty rumble and is available for almost all makes and models.

They disturbed the peace back in the ‘60s and still proudly disturb the peace today!

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