KJ Jones
October 28, 2013
Contributers: KJ Jones

For some people, being told that something "can't be done," or, is "waaaaaay-too difficult to bother trying," or things along those negative lines, only serves as fuel to creative fire.

NMCA West racer, Mike OKeefe, wasn't ready to simply settlle for that type of cop out, and decided to put a little thought and engineering into developing a very cool, electric water-pump-drive system for Coyote 5.0s.

Using one of Moroso's Universal Electric Water-Pump Drive sets (yes, the ones that typically are used for carbureted applications), Mike turned the bolt holes into "slots," which allow studs from the water pump to fit properly so that the pulley can be secured.

"They were telling me that I couldn't use the electric pump-driver," says Mike. I like this setup a lot because now I can run the car hard, and between rounds or dyno runs, click the pump driver on and cool the engine down, without having to run the engine at all."

No, this setup isn't available in stores or through a Web site as "Coyote-specific," but recreating it for your '11-up GT is actually a pretty neat project. "All you have to do is drill an additional hole in the motor's mounting bracket, and slot the holes in the water-pump pulley," says Mike.

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