July 11, 2013
Contributers: Editor_Turner

We are hosting our first in-Mustang Week event this year—Battle at the Beach, sponsored by Pro Dyno. It is a straight-up horsepower battle between nine of the hottest street ’Stangs in Myrtle Beach. If you'll be at the event, swing by the Myrtle Beach mall Thursday at 9 a.m. and see these cars make some steam in the heat.

Competing at the inaugural event are:

• Tristan Coggins' ’88 Mustang LX

• Chuck Hicks' ’08 Shelby GT500

• Eric Jones' ’08 Shelby GT500

• Keith Koch's ’98 Mustang Cobra

• Randy Koon's ’13 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

• Rick Marion's ’13 Shelby GT500

• Chris Platt's ’04 Mustang Cobra

• Will Pritchett's ’11 Shelby GT500

• Ryan Tutor's ’98 Saleen Mustang

We are stoked to see these cars run at Mustang Week, and if you can't make it to see the event live, we'll have full coverage in our January ’14 issue.

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