January 15, 2014
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

Champion Spark Plugs has a contest going right now to vote for your favorite video. This isn’t just for bragging rights, but $125,000 in racing sponsorships is on the line for the 2014 season. 15 racers will go on to win $5,000 Champion sponsorships and then move on to compete for the Grand Prize – a sponsorship worth $50,000.

While submitting a video is now closed, you can now vote for your favorite one to help someone gain a racing sponsorship that could change their lives. The first round of voting goes from January 6 through February 2, 2014 and Champion Spark Plugs is asking for your help to choose this year’s winners.

Voters get a little something too, that is if you vote often and make it into the voter’s sweepstakes. 200 voters will be chosen at random to win Champion Spark Plug gear such as hats, t-shirts, etc. So go ahead and cast those votes because the more votes that are casted, the better chance of winning the voter’s sweepstakes.

Feel free and visit the website at every day to vote for your favorite racing entries once per day. Who knows, you might just end up a winner yourself.

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