April 8, 2013
Contributers: dfarr

Wilwood’s Disc Brakes has introduced a new front disc brake kit for’70-’73 Mustangs that significantly enhances safety and performance while decreasing unsprung weight compared to stock brakes.

The kit features forged billet DynaPro 6-piston differential bore calipers to provide the enhanced performance of a larger pad, stainless pistons to resist corrosion, and Quick-E brake pads retention clips for simplified pad service without caliper removal.

The base kit (P/N 140-12945) comes with plain-face 12.19-inch vented rotors and black powder-coated calipers. Optional SRP rotors feature Wilwood’s directional drill and slot design with a protective E-coat finish.

Info: 805/388-1188 (request Andy Fritts for technical questions); www.wilwood.com.

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