Jeff Ford
September 1, 2001
Contributers: Jeff Ford, The Mustang Monthly Archives Photos By: The Mustang Monthly Archives

Step By Step

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There are thousands of folks who know thousands of ways to restore a Mustang. In fact, we’ve seen several top-flight restorations come out of hovels and home garages. At first, these restorations seem like miraculous happenings, but when you quiz the owners, the story is always pretty much the same. Take for instance, Steve Carre. His ’70 Mach 1 is a fine example of a home-brewed car.

Though Steve wisely farmed out the tasks he felt uncomfortable working on for his experience level, he tackled much of the car himself. Even our own vaunted Tech Editor Mark Houlahan got into the act with his ’66 hardtop. Though Mark pitched most of the parts from the grungy ’66 six-cylinder, he’s also been slowly wrenching his way to a new restoration.

But with all that said, how should you—the new restoree—handle the job? Where in the world do you start? Where is the middle? And, finally, where is the end? To that point, we contacted several of our friends in the hobby. Some are operating restoration shops and others are hobbyists who’ve been there and done that and can help you avoid some of the traps you may encounter when restoring your car.

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