Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
September 1, 1999

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For the details on how to use this thing (or practically any camera) to get better results, check out the sidebars at the end of the text. Then burn film, baby!

One of my biggest regrets is that I don’t have any good photos of my first few cars. I remember trying to set up a neat photo shoot with a high-school buddy that knew how to work a 35mm camera, but it never happened. That car was stolen years ago, and today the only shot I have of it is a fuzzy Polaroid with the back of the car cut off. What’s even worse is that I shoot photos of cars for a living now, yet I don’t have decent photography of two of my last three cars! It just never occurred to me. Don’t be like me; get some good shots of your Mustang now and you’ll have them forever. But here’s another reason to break out the camera.

“How do I get my car in your mag?” That’s by far the most-asked question we get from readers. Our standard answer is to show up where we are (like the car shows or races we attend during the year) and show us your Mustang. If we think it should be in the magazine, we’ll photograph it. The other way to get your Mustang in the mag is by sending photos to us for the Showcase section.

Granted, it’s not as cool as having a full-blown, two-page feature done on your car, but it’s better than nothing. There is a chance that we would run a full feature on a car using photography supplied by the owner, but I personally have never seen photos of a feature-quality car, supplied by the owner, that were good enough for publication in the magazine. Regardless of whether it’s a feature or a quarter-page Showcase entry, the photography has to be acceptable to make it in the magazine. We get a lot of photos of beautiful cars, and they end up in the round file because the photos just flat suck. You’d be amazed at how bad some of these photos are! We pick cars for the Showcase section based mostly on the quality of the photo, so take your time. And remember, we’ve got a huge Showcase section coming up for a future issue, and we’ll be needing some good shots.

This story is meant to help you shoot better photos of your Mustang, whether it’s for our Showcase extravaganza, in hopes of a killer centerfold shot, or just to have something you can be proud to hang on the wall. In the event you ever sell the car (or it gets stolen or crashed), you’ll be thankful you did.