October 22, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

One interesting thing we have learned about the 2015 Ford Mustang is that the Cobra Jet will continue on through the next generation. According to MustangsDaily, a conversation with Jesse Kershaw, Ford Racing’s Drag Racing Parts and Competition Manager, proved to be informative. As for the future we have no plans to abandon a successful program, but we are also not currently discussing timing and content,” he told MustangsDaily. Did that in itself confirm the Cobra Jet? Maybe not.

However, Kershaw did mention last month to Hot Rod that the next generation Cobra Jet was already in the works. "Our goals remain the same for next year as they are every year, produce a competitive product at a price that is a value for the racer,” he told them. “We want to ensure this program is here to stay.”

The one thing we don’t know for sure is if the next Cobra Jet will indeed be a Mustang. According to Hot Rod, the Cobra Jet name could be handed down to the rear-wheel-drive Taurus or Fusion platform. While some say that the CJ is only Mustang material, it can’t be that far-fetched. While the Cobra Jet was most famous in Mustang form, Ford did offer it in the Falcon, Fairlane and Torino on top of the Mercury Cougar, Montego and Cyclone.

Don’t cry just yet, it seems as if Ford Racing’s head honcho Jamie Allison spilled the beans with his statement "Mustang and Cobra Jet are inseparable!”

You may even be able to put in your order for the next-gen Cobra Jet already. Back in July, Kershaw told MD that Ford Racing accepts placeholder orders on future Cobra Jets with a part number of M-FR500-CJ.

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