July 22, 2013
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Forums can be very informative when browsing through endless topics relating to your ride. On, a Ford social media representative posted this tidbit of information: “The 2014 ½ will be the 50th Anniversary edition. It will be added to production for a limited run sometime during the year.”

Once that was posted, it was later retracted. “Okay, we made a mistake. We misunderstood the information and we’re sorry for causing all this confusion.”

Well, maybe it just wasn’t the right time to release this information causing him/her to take back the statement. According to sources at Ford, there will be just 1,000 Ford Mustangs produced as the 2014 ½ for the 50th anniversary. These will be the first Mustangs produced on the all-new S550 platform. Each one of these limited-edition Mustangs produced will have a unique VIN and build number.

Rumors swirling about the limited-edition Mustang include a 5.0L V-8 capable of 450 horsepower. It’s not getting a significant bump, but a bump nonetheless. The sticker price for these cars is likely to be outrageous considering that these will be instant collectors’ models.

Other Recent Anniversary Editions:

2009 45th Anniversary Ford Mustang:

Since the Mustang was set to change come 2010, no major changes were made to the 2009 45th Anniversary edition. For this year no special-edition Mustangs were available such as the Bullitt or the Shelby GT500, all standard models were designated anniversary models. The 2009 Mustang features the 45th anniversary badge on the front fender setting it apart from other model years.

2004 40th Anniversary Ford Mustang:

For 2004, the 40th Anniversary edition Mustang came in both V-6 and GT versions. The colors available for the special edition include Black, Oxford White, or Crimson Red with Arizona Beige stripes. Other options include premium wheels, matching fold-in mirrors, and an interior upgrade package with special 40th anniversary floor mats. The interior option cost $895 with 5,700 produced.

1999 35th Anniversary Ford Mustang:

Being the first year of the New Edge platform, a special 35th Anniversary Mustang was available on less than 5,000 of the GT models. These special Mustangs came in White, Silver, Black, and Performance Red and also featured a hood scoop, black hood stripe, side scoops, raised rear spoiler, and honeycomb insert in the rear decklid.

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