March 29, 2013
Contributers: MustangMan

Fastlane's Shelby GT 500 Mustang Achieves 191 Mph At The Texas Mile

We knew them boys down in Texas were fast, but wow! Check out the blog for all the details on how they got their GT 500 to fly, and remember kids, don't try this at home!

While a stock 2013 Shelby GT 500 Mustang can reach 200 mph in stock form, it takes nearly three miles (14,000 feet) to do so.

Houston's Fastlane managed to reach 191 mph in just one mile in their modified model this past weekend at the famous Texas Mile competition, making it one of the quickest in existence.

By comparison, a stock Shelby GT 500 can reach 165 mph in one mile--not too shabby--but nowhere close to what Fastlane can achieve with their Whipple supercharger with full bolt-ons, ARH headers modification, and DiabloSport tuning solutions.

"We are very pleased with the speed we were able to achieve at The Texas Mile," said Nick Field, co-owner of Fastlane.

"Our modifications worked perfectly and never showed any sign of letting up.

I'd like to see what we could do with the 14,000 foot benchmark Ford used to achieve 200 mph."

About Fastlane

Fastlane is Houston’s premier tuner shop with more than 15 years experience providing personalized customer service and building some of the fastest and most reliable tuned vehicles that can be driven on the street or the track. They specialize in building incredible performance packages for Dodge, Chrysler, Ford and General Motors cars and trucks, such as the new Mustang GT 5.0L, Camaro, Challenger, Corvette, Viper, and much more. They also specialize in private label go-fast parts used by enthusiasts around the world.

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