August 6, 2013
Contributers: supercharger.heaven

It’s always fun to watch crazy fast cars paired with even crazier drivers dominating the quarter-mile. What’s even better is watching a drag racing video that was dug out and dusted off from the old Ford archives involving the factory-sanctioned Ford Drag Team back in 1969.

This particular video features Hubert Platt (“Georgia Shaker”), Ed Terry, Dick Loehr, and many other Ford racing guys doing what they did best back in the good old days – raced, wrenched, repeated. During 1969-1970 these guys ran Mustangs and Torinos in Super Stock and match races. When they weren’t out racing, they were giving classroom sessions at Ford dealerships.


Just the sound of the 428SCJ and 427 SOHC will give any real gearhead the chills. Also, listen to the tiny bit of narration from Platt and Terry during the video which may make any old Ford racing fans feeling a little bit nostalgic.

Toward the end of the video, a camera is mounted to the rear fender and shows an entire pass by Hubert Platt. A little wheel hop, some pedal to the metal, and mean power-shifting action from the late ‘60s make this video a gem indeed.

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