Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Technical Editor
May 8, 2019
Contributers: Michael Johnson

There are many perks to working in the automotive performance industry. One of them is we usually get a sneak peek on all the new products before they hit the public. Recently, we had the chance to experience the latest products from SCT and Bully Dog at Palm Beach International Raceway. In true Florida fashion, though, it rained on our performance parade the day of our experience, but that didn't stop SCT and Bully Dog reps from showing what its latest products are capable of doing for the latest Fords.

There were many Ford vehicles available for us to experience that day, but one that really impressed us was the 2019 Ford Ranger equipped with the BDX performance programmer. With the BDX preloaded tune, horsepower is up by 59, while torque is up by 67. With the stock tune, the Ranger's performance was what we expected from a truck. However, with the BDX tune, we didn't expect to hit our head on the headrest upon launch.

The BDX is available via both SCT and Bully Dog. To differentiate between the two brands, SCT is more aimed at domestic muscle and import performance, and a few truck applications. Bully Dog has been in the truck market for years, so naturally the truck and off-road market is still that brand's focus.

With the BDX performance programmer, if SCT or Bully Dog has a preloaded tune, you can load up to 20 tunes in each handheld, but when it comes to the 2019 Ranger, and also many other Ford products, Bully Dog has done the hard work for you. The BDX performance programmer is available with preloaded tunes for the 2019 Ranger, 2019 3.0L Power Stroke, 2017-2019 F-250/F350 Super Duty 6.2L and 6.7L Power Stroke, 2008-2010 Ford Power Stroke 6.4L, while the company's GTX also covers the 2017-2019 Power Stroke 6.7L. The GTX is Bully Dog's newest product, and it's Wifi-compatible with iCloud tune delivery, capable of storing up to 20 tunes, and features numerous mounting configurations. You can also upload datalogs via Wifi using the GTX.

The BDX has the same features as the GTX, and both are available through SCT and Bully Dog. SCT still carries the X4, Livewire, and iTSX, as well. SCT and Bully Dog are both focused on improving performance via both the muscle car, import performance, and truck and off-road markets. It's safe to say if you have a late-model Ford vehicle, SCT and Bully Dog has a product ready to improve its performance.

Photography by Michael Johnson