Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson Technical Editor
May 20, 2019
Contributers: Michael Johnson

When it comes to tires for our Mustangs, there are seemingly limitless options. However, when it comes to front skinnies, the number of options is greatly reduced. In our experiences, the most popular front runner option is from Mickey Thompson Tires. Available in both bias-ply and radial options, Mickey Thompson Tires has the front runner solution for your Mustang.

For our 1994 Cobra, we needed new front radials, and about the time our old skinnies needed replacing, Mickey Thompson unveiled its Sportsman S/R radial in a few new sizes. To complement the Sportsman S/R radial line, Mickey Thompson added a 27x6.00R15LT, 27x8.00R15LT, 27x6.00R17LT, and a 27x8.00R17LT. The 27s join a lineup already featuring 26- and 28-inch tall front skinnies. The 6-inch wide applications fit 15- and 17-inch wheels up to 5 inches wide, while the 8-inch wide S/Rs fit wheels up to 7 inches wide.

For our 1994 Cobra we chose the new 27x6.00R17LT size, but if we had to do it over again, we would've chosen the shorter 26x6.00R17LT Sportsman SR radial. An inch doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but going from the 26x6s on it previously, we should've stuck with that size. The 27x6 seems to be a tad too tall, looks-wise, whereas the 26x6 fits perfectly within the wheel opening. Live and learn, though, and we know what size to get next time, and also what size to recommend to all of you.

"Featuring a unique flamed tread pattern, custom sizing, long life and a smooth ride, the Sportsman S/R radial is a must-have for hot rodders and racers alike," said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels. As we found out, the S/R pairs well with Mickey Thompson's ET Street S/S, making for an excellent street combo, even when the weather turns rainy. With the S/Rs up front and the S/S out back, our Cobra tackled whatever we threw at it, and handled it with ease.

If you're looking for a street/strip combo tire combination for your Mustang, pairing Mickey Thompson's Sportsman S/R up front with the ET Street S/S out back could be exactly what is needed.

Photographer by Michael Johnson