001 Buying A Dyno
Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
March 9, 2019

If we had to guess, every Mustang enthusiast would love to have his or her own Mustang shop. That would be the coolest, right? For us, our shop would have ample space, a few lifts, all the tools to get any job done, the latest tuning software, and oh yeah, a dyno. Even if we just worked on our own Mustang, we would want to know how much it makes, and especially after performing any number of installs and custom tuning.

Like us in our shop-owning dream world, actual shop owners needing a dyno have many questions they need answers to before making that large investment. Thankfully, The Tuning School recently made this video to help shop owners and tuners to make the right decision when it comes to investing in a dyno. As for us, we’ll continue to dream about having our own shop, complete with dyno.

Photography by Michael Johnson