001 Aem Unboxing
Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
March 19, 2019

Back in the Fox days, the most common method of tuning was to increase timing until detonation, and back it off a couple degrees. Like Fox cars, that method was crude, but a dyno wasn’t on every other street corner at that time. Plus, tuning was even more of a black art then compared to now. Let’s be honest, we weren’t making a ton of power, either. Most of us were happy to make 300 horsepower at the wheels, and if you were making 500-600 horsepower, you were already consulting the experts.

After a while, we saw the introduction of piggyback computers, standalone engine management systems, and the growth of the professional tuner. All of these spawned the popularity of air/fuel gauges and wideband sensors. Air/fuel gauges and wideband sensors became commonplace, to the point where today, every other Mustang has an air/fuel gauge in it.

And that includes our Terminator-swapped 1994 Cobra. However, our AEM air/fuel gauge started to show a lean condition so we reached out to our tuner Lee Blanksenship of Blankenship Tuning and Performance. He wanted to see a log; we used our SCT X4 handheld to send Lee a datalog so he could look everything over. Everything as far as air/fuel, timing, fuel pressure, and the like, came back fine. Lee suggested we take a look at our existing air/fuel gauge/wideband sensor. Not knowing the exact age of our wideband sensor, but knowing our car had been subjected to a variety of fuels, it started to make sense that it could be our sensor had lived a rough life. Simply put, time and being exposed to various fuels can shorten the life of a wideband sensor, which caused the incorrect reading with our air/fuel gauge.

To remedy this, we called up our friends at AEM for a new wideband sensor and air/fuel gauge combination. AEM’s X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge (PN 30-0300) is the company’s latest and greatest, so we thought it was the perfect replacement for our existing wideband and sensor arrangement. The new AEM X-Series retails for roughly $190, but you can get a silver bezel and whiteface gauge accessory kit (PN 30-0300-ACC) for roughly $10. Until we bring you the full install, here’s a look at unboxing the new AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge.

Photography by Michael Johnson