Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 21, 2018

Christmas shopping for a loved one can be a difficult proposition. For us guys, we’re totally lost until a last minute premonition clears up the confusion. Sometimes we’re successful at picking out the right gift, yet other times, we fail miserably. For the ladies in the audience, as guys, we’re pretty easy to please; we just want something for our Mustang. Do not get us socks or underwear; that’s the equivalent of us getting you a vacuum cleaner. For the men out there with a Mustang girl as a significant other, we just made things a lot easier for you.

Whether it’s new wheels, upgraded brakes, a new supercharger or turbo, or a billet Coyote intake, this gallery will fill your Christmas list with the gifts your Mustang enthusiast wants and needs. Merry Christmas!!!

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Photography by Michael Johnson