Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
November 2, 2018

Our friends at TMI Products may have the classic Mustang interior market sewed up (see what we did there?) but that doesn’t mean TMI isn’t continuing to broaden its Ford market share with new offerings for full size Fords (like Galaxie) and of course the ever popular F-series trucks. TMI’s new booth had plenty of great Mustang interior bits in it (see our photo gallery for more) but the big news was TMI’s power seat offering, which allows fore and aft, power recline, and lumbar in a bolt-in solution. Additionally TMI is now offering a pretty sporty split-bench setup with a jump seat/console combination. The look is pure bucket seat, but when you need to simply pull up the console to create a nifty jump seat for that full six-passenger capability. Available for OE bench seat and bucket seat applications! Of course a traditional bench seat is still available and is now offered with a cool retro plaid insert. No doubt a cool look for a classic F-100! We also spied new billet steering wheels from TMI that are offered custom wrapped to match your interior material choice from TMI for the perfect complimentary piece! For more details hit and see what they have for your Ford!

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Photography by Mark Houlahan