Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 2, 2018

When you work the SEMA show, days go by like a flash. Before you know it, a whole day is a blur. You go from booth to booth, doing FaceBook Live videos, running from one hall to another, and then out front to catch any outdoor action, and that’s just our morning routine. We try to squeeze in a lunch, or we meet an advertising partner and talk shop while throwing some groceries down our neck.

On SEMA’s Thursday afternoon we caught up with our friends from ProCharger, Centerforce, Baer, McLeod, ZEX, and others.

It’s so cool when we see current companies continue to offer parts for our beloved Fox Mustangs. McLeod just released its new T5 shifter, and check out those beefy shifter stops. If you slam your hand into the stereo with this shifter, you can thank those stops for saving your T5’s shift forks.

The big news out of ProCharger was the company’s new CrankDrive supercharger gear drive unit. The CrankDrive does away with drive belts, making for a direct drive between the crankshaft and supercharger. We were also able to talk with ProCharger’s Ken Jones to get the lowdown on the CrankDrive, and he tells us even though a small-block Ford unit isn’t currently available, it is in the plans, as is a Coyote application. Although, the word is a small-block CrankDrive should be on the market before a Coyote application. ProCharger’s CrankDrive won a SEMA new product award, which is a big deal for any performance manufacturer.

McLeod reps had a few new products for us to check out, which for you Fox guys, the company has a new T5 shifter available, but McLeod reps relay the fact that other model shifters are in the pipeline. Another great product McLeod is proud of is a reusable 26-spline clutch installation shaft, an RXT clutch for 2018 Mustang GTs, and new clutch packs for many applications. However, the company is also pushing automatic transmission parts for C4s, 6R80s, and even 10R80 automatics. McLeod has long been a staunch stick supporter, but the company is getting deeper into the automatic transmission segment, as well.

It wasn’t really brakes that drew us to Baer’s SEMA booth, it was the Greening Auto Company-built 1971 Maverick that had us clamoring for a close-up. Of course, the Maverick has Baer brakes on it, but it also a 351 Windsor-based powerplant bolstered by Precision twin turbochargers to enable the car to make north of 1,000 horsepower. The car features a Roadster Shop chassis, Pirelli treads, a Bowler transmission, M&M Hot Rod Interiors custom insides, and BASF Glasurit Fast gray paint. Greening Auto Company made the Maverick’s wheels, rear spoiler, headlights, and intake manifold.

Speaking of clutches, we recently added a Centerforce I unit to one of our project cars, and the company was at SEMA with its full array of clutch offerings. Centerforce had on display its DYAD DS, DFX, dual friction, and Centerforce I and II clutch systems. It also didn’t hurt that Centerforce had Classic Recreations’ 1969 Boss 429 continuation car in its booth, either. The continuation car features a 514ci stroker engine, and of course, a Centerforce DYAD clutch.

Switching over to a different style of power, ZEX had a few products in the Comp Cams booth, including its Coyote engine perimeter plate Blackout system. We recently brought you news of Brenspeed adding this system to its High-Mile Coyote, and running mid-10s in the process with a 6R80 in the tunnel, and over 160,000 miles on the clock.

Intertwined in all these product images are several cool Fords we saw while roaming the halls Thursday afternoon. We hope you like them.


The big news out of ProCharger’s SEMA booth is the company’s CrankDrive, and its ongoing application integration. We hope to see a small-block Ford CrankDrive soon, and when it hits, you will be the first to know about it. ProCharger is also working on a Coyote CrankDrive, saying such a unit requires more fabrication, but it is on their radar.
If there was ever a car worthy of worship, it would have to be Bullitt #559, the original from the 1968 movie featuring Steve McQueen. Current caretaker Sean Kiernan has had the car on a whirlwind tour since recently unearthing the car. It’s at SEMA this week, and we had to stop by to catch a glimpse.

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