Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 6, 2018

After our MM&FF Pro-Dyno Battle at the Beach Dyno Challenge, we crossed through to Myrtle Beach Speedway to check out the Stifflers’ Fun Runs and Gateway Classic Autocross. This Mustang Week event presents an excellent opportunity for Mustang enthusiasts to put their cars on the track, and go full throttle without getting a ticket. The Stifflers’ Fun Runs enables Mustang owners to get out on Myrtle Beach Speedway in a controlled environment for a little full-throttle fun, while the Gateway Classic Autocross presented a tighter course so people could test their Mustang’s handling prowess, or lack thereof.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. was also giving white-knuckle rides to several lucky passengers after putting down over 760 horsepower as part of the MM&FF Pro-Dyno Battle at the Beach. With that much power we can definitely see how it’s easy for Vaughn to produce a smoke show.

The Stifflers’ Fun Runs and Gateway Classic Autocross is one of the more popular Mustang Week events each year. It’s just a day full of throttle and fun. Here’s a gallery of the action from Myrtle Beach Speedway.

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