Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
August 7, 2018
Photos By: Manufacturer

Tools, tools, and more tools. Let’s face it, we can’t have enough tools. From basic hand tools to specialty, power, and air tools, we always find an excuse to have a need to go buy another tool. It means our tool storage fills up fast and every so many years it becomes time to shop for replacement tool storage to satisfy your growing needs.

Tool storage comes in all shapes and sizes, but the most common setup is a tool chest, usually with an upper and lower box stacked together. The folks at Kwikset have now paired their SmartKey Security feature with Lowe’s Kobalt 3000 Series tool chests. The unique security feature of the SmartKey Security system provides for one-key access to your home or business and your tool storage.

The patented SmartKey Security system allows you to re-key the locks, providing single key access. While this was previously a feature of certain Kwikset door lock hardware, the system was configured to work in these new Kobalt 3000 Series tool chests. The same advanced features found in the door lock version, such as anti-tampering features for lock bumping and picking, can be found in the Kobalt 3000 Series tool chest version.

These new Kobalt 3000 Series tool storage solutions are available now and besides the SmartKey Security single key locking system, the tool chests are available in different sizes to allow you to build the custom tool storage solution your work area requires, and all lockable with a single key—the same key you unlock your home or business with.

“Our partnership with Kobalt is an exciting venture as we are solving a palpable need across multiple service industries—one-key convenience between tool chest compartments—while also adding value for homeowners with Kwikset door hardware.” says Marty Hoffmann, Kwikset Vice President of Marketing, Spectrum Brands, Inc. – Hardware and Home Improvement Division. “By incorporating SmartKey Security into Kobalt tool chests, Kwikset can help keep the tools that consumers have invested in safe and secure, while also prioritizing convenience. Consumers turn to Kwikset to protect what matters most to them, and we are very proud to be their trusted choice for home security and now one-key convenience for their tool storage.”

Currently the Kobalt 3000 Series tool storage models are as follows:

SmartKey Security Enhanced Tool Chests and Combinations:

Kobalt 3000 Series 22.5-in x 41-in 9-Drawer Steel Tool Chest

Kobalt 3000 Series 41-in x 41-in 11-Drawer Steel Tool Cabinet

(Perfect for home use, available in red, blue, or black as a combo with a MSRP of $998)

Kobalt 3000 Series 68.7-in x 53-in 18-Drawer Stainless Steel Tool Cabinet

(Perfect for the professional wrench slinger; with an MSRP of $1,999)