Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
June 8, 2018

Most of the time, Florida weather can be less than predictable. However, if you want it to rain, schedule a drag race, because doing so almost guarantees an increase of the wet stuff. The May 19 Cash Days event at Showtime Dragstrip in Pinellas Park, Florida was dealt a big blow when unseasonably wet weather hit the Sunshine State during the month of May. It was raining every day during that time, and at first we thought the event would actually go down. We crossed the bridge into Pinellas County and were greeted with sunny skies. However, we stopped at a store to get a soda, and the heavens opened up. Once it started raining, it didn’t stop, so that was that.

Looking at the calendar, and since Showtime also features a roundy-round track, the most convenient day to reschedule the event was Friday, June 15. And yes, we’ll make the trek across the bridge to cover it.

To recap, stick shift racing is hugely popular in Central Florida, and this movement led to The Stick Shift Mafia’s Cash Days series of drag races. Initially taking place at Lakeland Motorsports Park, the series lost that venue so the move was made to Showtime Dragstrip.

The Competitive Edge Stick Shift class is the main draw, but if you let your transmission do the shifting, you are not left out in the rain. For those with automatics, and non H-pattern stick cars, there’s the ProFab Performance Plus Extreme Street and TRZ Motorsports 28/29 Outlaw, as well. All three classes are well-represented at each Cash Days event, and hopefully this time around on June 15, Mother Nature will want to see some drag racing.

The Stick Shift Mafia’s Cash Days race is rescheduled for June 15 at Showtime Dragstrip, and is expected to draw several of the quickest Central Florida stick racers. When the event was supposed to go down on May 19, there were several cars being finished up, or repaired. The rescheduling makes it possible for them to show up and race. Even though the event highlights the stick cars, the Extreme Street and 28/29 Outlaw classes will be heavily contested, as well.

Showtime Dragstrip is located in Clearwater, or Pinellas Park, Florida, depending on who you ask, but go by the address in the flyer provided by The Stick Shift Mafia’s David Hill, and let the GPS do the work for you. The gates open at 5PM, test and tune starts at 6PM, and racing begins at 8:30.

For full rules in all three classes, go to The Stick Shift Mafia’s Facebook page. We hope to see you there.