Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
June 4, 2018

Aside from the upcoming Shelby GT500, is there a hotter Mustang right now than the Bullitt?! The 2019 Bullitt was recently announced, more and more 1968 Bullitt clones are being built, and the original, real deal Bullitt Mustang recently re-emerged from a long slumber for everyone to experience. There’s so much excitement surrounding the Bullitt right now, and here’s another reason to be excited.

This morning Steeda Autosports announced the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang. Only 300 will be built for the 2019 model year, which is a collaboration with McQueen Racing, Steeda Autosports, Galpin Auto Sports, and with Chad McQueen’s blessing. In short, the group took an already great platform, and made it even better. Encompassing upgrades were made in every aspect of the car to fully capture Steve McQueen’s essence.

“The Steve McQueen Edition Program Team had no limits in their quest to incorporate key components that strategically work cohesively together delivering maximum performance” proclaimed Dario Orlando, President of Steeda, “the entire Steeda Team is proud to bring our over 30-years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-performance Mustang components to this exclusive developmental team.” Some 27 components from the factory Bullitt’s suspension, drivetrain, and chassis receives upgrading as part of the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang. Trust us, a factory Bullitt is a remarkable car, so we can’t wait to see and feel the upgrades done to the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt Mustang.

Any Mustang enthusiast worth their tire smoke knows the tag on Frank Bullitt’s 1968 Mustang was a California plate JJZ 109. Aside from the Steve McQueen Edition rear decklid emblem, the cars will also feature a revised front fascia aerodynamic package, quarter window louvers, a hood strut kit, an engine compartment serialization plate, and a unique car cover.

“Ford’s Mustang has always been a big part of my dad’s legend. I wanted to kick the already strong performance up several notches without losing that essential style that makes this car so desirable. Less is more. This Special Edition reflects the lessons my dad ingrained in me about what made his personal cars so desirable,” says Chad McQueen, Professional Racer and Steve McQueen’s only son

Obviously, stock Bullitts will be flying off dealership showrooms, but if you want your Bullitt to be even hotter, send an email inquiry to mcqueen@steedavehicles.com, or call 754.800.4165. If you’re a dealer, and want to get in on the action, send an email to dealer@steedavehicles.com.

For us, add a Steve McQueen Edition to my lengthy list of dream cars.

You’ll notice the Steve McQueen Edition is lower than a factory Bullitt, but Steeda Autosports didn’t simply strap a set of springs to the car. The Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt receives front and rear sway bars, IRS upgrades, Sport progressive rate springs, bump steer kit, performance-tuned shocks and struts, a performance wheel alignment, camber plates, Ultra-Lite chassis jacking rails, Extreme G-Trac K-member support brace, and billet aluminum vertical links. Performance upgrades include a McQueen Performance cold air intake and custom tune, a McQueen Racing shift knob attached to a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, a clutch spring assist with perch kit upgrade, and to finish off the exterior, a set of Steve McQueen Edition wheels by HRE wrapped with Nitto NT555 G2 treads. Further performance options are on the table, along with added touches to really make the Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt a truly special car.