Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 17, 2018

In this digital world we all live in it is still one of life’s pleasures to curl up with a good book on the couch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Of course for us Mustang and Ford muscle fanatics we’re much more into history and “how to” books than the latest from the Oprah Book Club. Books that tell the inside story on our favorite car or car person, or perhaps show us how to upgrade our Mustang or Ford, are what we’re really into. I’m sure like myself you have a whole “research library” of Mustang books dating back decades.

Today we received the latest from our good friend and Mustang Hall of Famer Donald Farr. Farr has been writing about Mustangs for over 40 years and we’re betting you already have some of his much sought after titles on your bookshelf now. We certainly do! Working with Motorbooks, the same publisher of his extremely popular Mustang 50 Years book (now revised and retitled as Ford Mustang: America’s Original Pony Car) and others Farr has produced over the years, his latest are for sale now and we couldn’t wait to dig into them.

The Speed Read series features these unique illustrations created exclusively for each title.
Speed Read Mustang is filled with fun facts and details in a quick and easy to read sidebar format.

For those that dig Mustangs but possibly might not know the whole back story, Motorbooks new Speed Read series is the perfect way to get to know the Mustang’s history in a fun and entertaining way with bright illustrations and light, descriptive text accompanied by fun facts, historical tidbits, and numerical facts, it is a nice read that covers all generations of Mustangs, including Shelby, Roush, special editions, and more. You’ll enjoy facts and back story on key Mustang figures throughout production, racing history, design, and technology info, and so much more. You can’t go wrong adding this book to your shelf, no matter what “level” of Mustang enthusiast you are.

Farr’s second release from Motorbooks we’re reviewing here is The Complete Book of Classic Ford and Mercury Muscle Cars 1961-1973. Admittedly for Farr this title was a bit outside of his normal Mustang writing “comfort zone” and to his credit reached out to all manner of knowledgeable Ford and Mercury historians to get the story of each car right in this new title. While we love our Mustangs of any generation, we’re also big fans of Galaxies, Fairlanes, Cougars, and more from Ford’s Total Performance era and this new title from Farr is the perfect read for those that are as well. Sure, there are some incredible Mustangs on the pages of this title, but as a Ford enthusiast you’d be remiss in NOT reading about such incredible cars as the Cyclone GT, Cougar Eliminator, 427 Galaxie, 428CJ Fairlane, and others. Farr does a wonderful job in telling each of these amazing vehicle’s stories.

Speed Read Mustang and The Complete Book of Classic Ford and Mercury Muscle Cars 1961-1973 are both available now through the Motorbooks website or through your favorite book retailer. Add them to your collection today!

An interesting new title from Donald Farr is this book on Ford muscle cars from the Total Performance Era. A great read!
There are chapters on full size, intermediates, Pony Cars, and Shelby vehicles which are also divided by specific year breaks.
Each chapter also features a “by the numbers” section on the available powertrain setups each of these muscle cars had as well, and include dragstrip performance and power to weight factors.

Speed Read Mustang
ISBN: 9780760360422
Paperback, 160 pages

The Complete Book of Classic Ford and Mercury Muscle Cars 1961-1973
ISBN: 9780760360248
Hardcover, 176 pages