Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
April 30, 2018
Photos By: Courtesy of the Manufacturer

No doubt we’ve all seen the cans of Slime [] on the shelf at the big box or auto parts stores. The tire sealant is certainly a life-saver for many and most of us have been intimately familiar with said can on the side of the road or a hotel parking lot the weekend of a big Mustang show. As great a product that Slime is, sometimes you don’t have a puncture or other large air loss that needs sealing. Often times a very slow leak, or even normal air loss through the rubber tire from months of your car being dormant just needs to have a “shot of air” to get you going. Well, now Slime can help you there as well with its new Cordless Inflator.

The new Cordless Inflator by Slime was designed for ease of use and to provide the utmost in convenience when you need a portable air source. About the size of a small cordless drill, the handheld inflator is powerful enough to inflate your average automotive tires quickly and the digital display makes it easy to determine exactly what your tire pressure is. With Inflate-Right technology you simply set it to the correct inflation psi and the Cordless Inflator automatically stops at the pre-set value.

The Slime Cordless Inflator will air up a standard car tire in roughly six minutes, which means you’re back on the road and able to get to your destination without delay.

“Our Cordless Inflator is a convenient, handy tire care tool,” said Patrick Mallon, Slime Marketing Director. “It’s extremely portable, rechargeable and allows for tire inflation with minimum effort; no more dragging out and putting away cords just to inflate a tire. We designed this for convenience and practical usability which is why we included a powerful motor to make inflating a breeze.”

Slime’s Cordless Inflator features include:
-Inflate-Right Technology
-Handheld portability
-USB-charging port charges other devices
-Powerful motor for maximum inflation
-Easy-read digital display
-Works on cars, light trucks, and sports equipment

Suggested retail for the Slime Cordless Inflator is $69.99 and you can currently purchase the Cordless Inflator at AutoZone stores nationwide and of course on More retailers are being brought on as well to offer enhanced distribution soon!

The built in USB charging port means you also have an emergency battery to charge your mobile phone or other device when need be.